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Ultimate Boating and Lifestyle magazine epitomises the finest in boating and lifestyle with upfront information for the consumer within this exclusive luxury market. It aims to enlighten, entertain and inspire by focusing on its position as a fresh new look at the world of boating. It will combine a mix of the latest boats captured in their elements with glamorous accessories to match, fashion and motoring, jets and jewels, destinations and gourmet affairs. The passionate writing and cutting edge visual imagery personifies the modern style in boating and the life that it follows.

Ultimate Boating and Lifestyle will welcome you onto some of the world's most fabulous boats and introduce you to the designers and personalities behind these amazing creations. It will then launch your imagination as to where you can enjoy the benefits of a boat and the freedom it offers here in Australia and abroad.

We at Ultimate are devoting ourselves to the consumers who take pleasure in the finer things of life; with a Quarterly edition there will be current information each publication to keep both male and female readers alike flicking with anticipation.


Each issue will Feature selected articles to tantalize and inspire owners and prospective owners of boats, with Regular focus each issue on: "Global & International News, launches and refits", "Sea Trials" on latest releases, "Enviro watch", "Game on" for the anglers, and "Onboard with" a variety of chefs. Of course the Lifestyle section will instigate numerous exploits with: "The ultimate lifestyle" fashions featured onboard, "Great Escapes" travel destinations worldwide, "Luxury Living" water front properties, "Arrive in style" most luxurious vehicles and air support, "RSVP &VIP" keeping track of who is where with whom. Ultimate Boating and Lifestyle magazine will motivate the reader to delve into the Brokerage section with vigour. Every article is hand picked with the most up to date and enlightening pages for the consumer to lose himself or herself in.


Ultimate Boating and Lifestyle magazine readers are visible achievers and socially aware, they are people who have made it and have a strong interest in boating and the lifestyle surrounding it.

10,000 to 15,000 copies will be printed per issue, with Macquarie Bank wealth clients, superyacht owners and affluent individuals with a passion for boating to be the calibre of "Ultimate's" clientele.

Ultimate Boating and Lifestyle will have circulation throughout Australian and New Zealand newsagents, 5 star hotels and boutique resorts and spas. Superyacht hubs throughout the Americas, allowing international readers to be enticed by Australia.

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